Gourmet treats, food toppers and other delicious products you need for your furry bestie. Whether it's treats with 60% meat as the #1 ingredient, an omega oil for glossy coat season or health boosting food toppers...

Marleybones got you covered!


Health boosters

Need a helping paw?


What are your treats made of?

Our soft training treats use 60% fresh meat and a whole bunch of superfoods like hawthorn, hemp seeds, coconut and a variety of herbs. Our meat is sourced from British farms, renowned for their exceptional farming and animal welfare standards. All our meat is of human-grade quality and used fresh from farm.

For a full breakdown of ingredients used in each pack check the product page on our shop or refer to the back of the pack.

What does 'air-dried' mean?

Our treats are air-dried and handmade right here in the UK.

'Air-drying' refer to a unique process, where we carefully dry the ingredients over a span of up to 7 days. Unlike other techniques, our air-dried approach avoids subjecting the ingredients to high temperatures or pressures. This gentle process preserves the integrity of proteins and nutrients, ensuring the highest possible quality. The outcome is a highly digestible, tasty and healthy treat for your furry bestie.

What is your delivery time?

Choose between our next day or standard delivery service.

You get free delivery if you spend more than £50!

How do I know if my pup should get a treat?

Our treats are suitable for any situation where your dog is a good dog. Which we realise is more or less always...

But, even with their constant good behavior, we advise giving treats that make up no more than 10% of your dog's daily calorie intake.

Kisses are recommended for the remaining time.