Rethinking dog health

Marleybones was created out of a very personal frustration Josephine had with her own dog Marley, a golden cocker spaniel. Marley was both fussy and suffered from indigestion, which meant Josephine was changing dog food more regularly than Leonardo DiCaprio was changing girlfriends.

On the quest to find a food that was better for his health, tastier for his palate and friendlier towards the planet, the idea of Marleybones was born.

Fast forward a couple of years and we’re now making thousands of dogs happier and healthier with a wide range of delicious dog food, tasty treats and health boosting toppers.

We’re a pack of health- and eco-conscious dog lovers on a mission to inspire healthy living for dogs, connections between people and environmental change with lots of joy and love in between.

Bone Appetite!

Josephine, Mikala & Marley xx